Quality Management

At ABC Gotuplas S.A.S., we design, manufacture, and market excellent quality plastic packaging and products with the support of a select human team, duly selected suppliers, and high-tech equipment. Together, within the applicable legal framework and other requirements established in the company, we aim to satisfy the needs of our customers.

The top management is committed to: 

PILLAR 1 – SAFETY: Take necessary control measures to prevent accidents and occupational illnesses through the identification of hazards and the assessment of priority risks such as mechanical, psychosocial, and locational risks. (OHS management system)

PILLAR 2 – QUALITY: Ensure the management of physical, human, technological, and other resources derived from the organization’s activities to ensure continuous improvement of our management systems and compliance with the stakeholders.

PILLAR 3 – ENVIRONMENT: Prevent and control any potential pollution through the appropriate and rational use of resources, complying with current environmental regulations.