Environmental Management

Green Screens

For ABC GOTUPLAS S.A.S, caring for the environment is an essential component in the strategies to minimize and prevent the environmental aspects and impacts generated in the production processes and other activities carried out within the Company, for this reason it decides to implement measures associated with protecting and take care of the environment:

Since 2020 we have sown around 200 indigenous trees in deforestation zones of the Colombian Amazon region, contributing to the reforestation of Colombian native forests. 

We are part of an eco-bricks project to diminish reusable plastic pollution.

We joined the campaign “Tapas amigas, niños felices, planeta limpio” of the Sol de los Andes foundation by donating plastic caps.

ABC GOTUPLAS S.A.S features a zero-dumping policy thanks to its re-circulation and residual water treatment processes:

  • We have an evapo-transpiration system that reuses industrial residual water generated by the photo-mechanic area with no dumping: green walls where in the medium in combination with efficient micro-organisms degrading biological and polluting materials get incorporated to the topsoil that supports the plants.
  • We have a storage and reuse network of rainwater in order to reduce our tap water consumption for some internal processes.
  • Furthermore, we are working in the implementation of an enviromental project on which hydro-carbonated water generated by the compressors is separated in order to remove grease molecules from it to be reused.

Thanks to the adoption of the control measures and enviromental projects we can proudly say that we are a company certified by the Environmental District Department for its environmental programme PREAD EN MARCHA HACIA LA EXELENCIA AMBIENTAL, such recognition was gained by ABC GOTUPLAS S.A.S for high level of environmental commitment shown by improving processes and activities that generate environmental impact. 



At ABC Gotuplas S.A.S. we design, manufacture and market plastic containers and products stablishing a strong relationship with both external and internal stakeholders. In our environmental policy we are defining the commitment of carrying out our work within the parameters of sustainable development, allowing us to maintain control and management of the different environmental impacts of our processes, especially the most representative ones. In addition, the policy establishes a common framework for defining objectives and conducting activities that contribute to the continuos improvement of the Environmental Management System.

In order to achieve and reach the proposed objectives, ABC Gotuplas SAS. has defined the following:

  • Fulfil all environmental legal requirements that the company is subject to. 
  • Meet objectives and goals within the environmental program, these being reviewed and approved by Strategic Management at least once a year. 
  • Prevent, reduce and mitigate environmental impacts generated by our activity through constant innovation in our processes.
  • Respect nature and bio-diversity around the area where the company is located.
  • Sensitize and raise awareness among ABC Gotuplas SAS. employees, including contractors and providers, about the adecuate use of our natural resources, the importance of protecting our health and that of the environment by continuing to share the appropiate recommendations in order to carry on with the Environmental Management System improvement. 
  • Identify and evaluate different enviromental aspects in order to maintain an adecuate Environmental Management System implementing Precaution, Prevention and corrections when needed. 
  • Ensure that environmental impact is minimized through reduction, reuse and recycling of process related byproduct waste.

On this basis, both General Management and Strategic Management are committed to the Company in participating actively and having all necessary resources available to mitigate, prevent and control environmental footprints and upholding the continuos improvement of the Environmental Management System.